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2015 April Art Playdate

Art Friends Group ShotThe last playdate we had was way back in January. Yikes! It was not because we did not want to meet, we just couldn’t find a common schedule. After a few of us attended some workshops last March, there was a greater need to see each other so we can compare notes, show off our respective materials and finally come together to chat beyond Facebook or Instagram.

We finally met this April at CBTL, Net Lima Building, Bonifacio Global City.
Coloring Pages
We typically don’t have a theme but for this one, we agreed on coloring pages inspired by the works of Johanna Basford.
It was timely because I’ve been mulling over making printables / downloadables for my blog and I’ve been inspired by The Postman’s Knock‘s printables. I volunteered to make coloring pages for my art friends for the playdate. Fortunately, I also learned about the #100dayproject so I decided to venture on creating something new for 100 days. More on my #100dayproject in a separate post.
For our playdate, I made a  few coloring pages – a frame, monograms and general doodles. Here are some samples.
Beyond coloring, this is also for completing the portrait

Beyond coloring, this is also for completing the portrait

Inspired by one of my paintings for my 2015 calendar

Inspired by one of my paintings for my 2015 calendar

A monogram for one of my Art Friends

A monogram for one of my Art Friends

Coloring, Calligraphy, Painting and Show and Tell

Each of us had our own arsenal of art stuff to use. Some opted to use Sharpies to color, some used Sakura Koi Watercolor paints. I was happy with the handling of the A4 paper I used to print out the doodles / monogram. The ink did not bleed with markers, watercolor (not too wet). This was Besform Cartidge Paper which I bought in Art Friend, Singapore a few months ago.

Busy 1The Ms

On the left is a coloring page made by @spellpj that I painted on. On the right is a painting I finally finished from a sketch I made several weeks ago

On the left is a coloring page made by @spellpj that I painted on. On the right is a painting I finally finished from a sketch I made several weeks ago

Collaborative Art
We did make collaborative art for the group – I made ART (the rest were supposed to embellish and color but I ended up finishing the letters). The rest did a letter each to spell out “FRIENDS” at the bottom. I used Canson 200 gsm watercolor paper for this one. We had some problems with the Noodlers Ink Apache Sunset on the material (see the smudges).
Collaborative Art. Yay!

Collaborative Art. Yay!

Some of the favorite art stuff that was a certified hit for many of us were the Noodlers Ink Apache Sunset. Its an orange fountain pen ink but what makes it so interesting is that the ink has spectrum of colors from yellow, orange, red and brown. You don’t see the gradient when used on a dip pen though. Another new discovery for us was Dr. Ph Martin’s White Spectralite Liquid Acrylic. Great for calligraphy and easier to handle that Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleedproof white. I haven’t bought a bottle myself. Let’s see how long I can hold out. hahaha

Kiddie Playdate
Some of us brought our little kiddos over (age ranges from 3 – 8 years old). There were a couple of pre-teens but they were old enough to be in our “proper” art playdate.
Moms and Sons Bonding
We thought the kiddos would be interested to create art. (They were entertained for… 10 minutes?) Fortunately, they had each other for company so they had their playdate of their own. There were not too many customers in the coffee shop at the time so hopefully the kids didn’t bother that much people.
What I loved the most were the selfies / groufies they were taking of themselves.
Kids' Playdate
That was so much fun! Another productive and satisfying afternoon. It’s a great way to learn something new, do something new and most importantly catch up with friends! Hope you can join us in our next art playdate!

7 thoughts on “2015 April Art Playdate

  1. Wow! Those are really amazing art works! I love even the kids works. Hope to join (with my little girl) someday in one of your art playdates (although I am not really sure if I can draw, haha).

    • Peachy! We’d love to have you! Don’t worry, drawing or painting skills are not required. That’s how a lot of the others started off with. Its just play, if there’s a skill you’d like to learn, you can ask us which of the workshops you may want to sign up for

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