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Pockets of Time

pockets of time
What do you do when you have an unexpected waiting time? I’m sure you’ve gone to the doctor’s office, arrived early for an appointment, your appointment or date was late, got caught in traffic, needed to queue for something. I’ve observed a lot of people getting so restless and impatient in these situations.
In my case, I take advantage of these moments! These are not waste of my time (they can be, if I allow them to) but these are my ME time. That’s why I always come PREPARED! I have a huge bag containing my art stuff (and some work stuff).

These are what I do during these pockets of time (in no particular order of preference or importance):
pockets of time 1
  1. Paint – of course I do this only when I’m in a coffee shop or a place with a desk. That’s why I love small, compact watercolor sets and waterbrushes. My current favorites: Koh-i-noor watercolor wheel set, Pentel Aquash waterbrush
  2. Doodle – I do this all the time – in notebooks, sketchbooks, scratch paper. I use pens, ballpens, fountain pens, markers, felt-tipped pens (my favorite: Uni Pin), brush pens. I like doodling flowers, leaves, trees, faces, letters. (This is also my favorite activity while I’m in meetings when I either need to think or I’m bored.)
  3. Project life entries – I only need my phone or tablet for this  activity using my Evernote app. I have a note for every week of the year where I log our family’s activities for the week. I include our favorites, or mostly our kids’ favorites (e.g. movies, songs, videos, food), conversations with the kids, and some reflections on significant events. Even if I am not updated with my Project Life scrapbook, I always have something to refer back to when I do have the opportunity to catch-up with my scrapbooking
  4. pockets of time 2Sketches – to differentiate from doodles, I usually do my sketches in pencil. These are typically designs or plans for my index card art – DIY Project Life cards or all around journal cards, art journal pages and other future artwork I will be working on. My current all-around sketchbook is my ZAP book (a Clairfontaine product)
  5. Blog Notes – Again, I use my ever reliable Evernote app for this. I usually do this in transit (I don’t drive) or perhaps while in a queue. I list my ideas for blog posts. I make my drafts. I actually made this blog post (the text that is) on my way to meet my husband
  6. Journal / Morning Pages – I always bring my journal with me (different notebook from my sketchbook). I can hardly do my morning pages first thing in the morning anymore so any unexpected opportunity is used for journaling random thoughts, reflections, concerns or prayers
  7. Read – Since I’ve told you about all my art stuff in my bag, you’re probably not surprised that I no longer bring physical books with me. My books are in my devices. The most recent books I just completed are Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like an Artist” and “Show Your Art” and Danielle LaPorte’s “The Desire Map”. I’m still struggling to finish James Martin’s “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything”
  8. pockets of time 4Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) – It would be better if I catch up on this when I’m alone but I must admit that I sometimes do this when I’m with the family
  9. Daydream – An activity that I do when I cannot get a hold of my props. Isn’t this everyone’s favorite activity?
  10. Index card art – Typically done while painting or instead of painting. I always have 4″ x 6″ index cards for my art. I usually use paint and pens for my DIY Project Life cards. These are my kids’ favorite as well because when we’re done, we just slip them into the scrapbook pocket pages
  11. Brainstorm – I love making plans (that’s my job actually). I plan my activities, our family’s activities. I also do my to do list, grocery list, blog list, wish list, etc. I brainstorm better using a mindmap before I create a note in Evernote
  12. Games – Of course I play games on my gadgets! My current favorite is Candy Crush Soda. When I run out of lives, I revert to Candy Crush

What do you do when you have unexpected pockets of time?

P.S. I’ve been meaning to do more of mixed media art. I’m sharing with you how I made this piece in a separate blog post.


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