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Pockets of Time (The Making of a Mixed Media Page for My Art Journal)

Earlier, I made a blog post on what I do when I have unexpected pockets of time in my hands. I made a mixed media page only because I’ve been wanting to experiment more and have more texture in my artwork. Watercolor is still my preferred medium but it doesn’t hurt to deviate from time to time.

I don’t really have a sketchbook or a specific art journal for mixed media. What I plan to do instead is to insert this piece into a 12″ x 12″ page protector as part of my Project Life 2015.

I didn’t plan on making a blog post on the step by step process so I wasn’t able to take photos when I made the background.


  1. Paper – I used my Daler Rowney HeavyWeight Jumbo Papier Dessin épais (drawing thick block). It’s 10″ x 10″ in size and 130 lbs. I’ve used this paper a few times before for other projects and it can handle watercolors and ink perfectly
  2. Pages from an old book
  3. Papers from index cards and word cards
  4. Liquid Watercolors
  5. Acrylic Paint
  6. Brush Pen


  1. I traced a dinner plate to sketch the clock face and used a ruler to put the guidelines
  2. I used liquid droppers to put some liquid watercolor on the paper. Then I used my brayer to spread the watercolor
  3. I made some random drops on different parts of the paper. The drips were unintentional. I was working on the floor and the fan kept blowing the paper away
  4. I used oil crayons to make the hands
  5. backgroundI used my acrylic paint to color my index cards. I used my brayer to spread the color. For some of the pieces, I placed the paper directly on the palette to pick up the colors. I dried these overnight before I used for my page
  6. I cut some book pages to outline the clock face
  7. clock faceI cut my painted index cards and glued them to the clock instead of numbers
  8. clock face with numbersSince the clock hands were hardly visible, I decided to make the clock hands from the book pages
  9. clock face with handsI used blank index cards to write the activities. I glued these to the painted index cards
  10. Done!

pockets of time

It was the first time I used paints without using a paintbrush (except for the brushpen for the lettering and outlines). It took me longer than my typical artwork but I had fun making the piece and documenting the process.

How do you make your art?



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