Art Playdates

January 2015 Art Playdate

Playdate WIP

Art Projects Work in Progress

Our art playdates are opportunities to create with others, catch up with others, catch up with their respective projects, catch up with each other, to inspire and be inspired.

We had our first playdate for the year in Scarsdale Artisanal Delights in Shaw Boulevard. Its a great place for art playdates – huge tables, wonderful lighting, good food!
It was also an opportunity to do a little planning for 2015. I designed this template for the Art Friends so we can share what would make the playdates more relevant to us. Recognizing that we all have our own talents we can share, I also asked the Art Friends what they can teach or share with the rest (and no, it does not have to be a formal workshop).
Art Friends in 2015
As for me, I would like to start selling my artwork this year (yikes!). Let me share with you some of my intentions.
I got too caught up with the chatting and working on my projects, I forgot to take pictures (again!). Sheesh. Thank you  Racquel for allowing me to use  your photos from the playdate.

Artwork by @guevarawr

Artwork by @beyondbooksandwalls


Artwork by @spellpj

Artwork by @bananabellieboo
I almost forgot to make my usual signature card for my Project Life. Again, thanks Racquel for reminding me.
January 2015 Art Playdate Journaling Card
I’m looking forward to our future playdates. It looks like February is a busy month for most of us though. Sigh.
If you wish to join our future playdates, please send me an email at

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