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What are Your Creative Dreams for 2015?

What are your creative dreams in 2015?

What are your creative dreams in 2015?

2014 has been a wonderful, fruitful and productive year for me.
I learned so much, I created a LOT of artwork, I made a lot of new friends, I have more inspiration and I hope I inspire more (thanks to Instagram).
Let me do a quick review of my 2014 creative projects:
  1. Project Life (2013 & 2014) – Still incomplete but my journaling is complete in Evernote. I also managed to make a lot of DIY journal / filler cards for my scrapbook
  2. Traditional scrapbooks – I was able to make several pages from pictures pre-Project Life
  3. Playdates – 6 glorious and fun art playdates with my Art Friends
  4. Lessons and Workshops
    1. Oprah’s Lifeclass – Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection (Parts 1 & 2) – taught me to: love my imperfections, allow myself to be vulnerable, journey towards wholeheartedness and finally made an art journal because of the course
    2. Ali Edward’s One Little Word – supposed to help me keep in touch with my word throughout the year (I only managed to participate in the first three months though)
    3. Make It Blissful’s Life Bliss Weekend – the best birthday present I gave myself. My greatest surprise was finding out that my life’s purpose has evolved. I was humbled to realize that I deserved my 2014 word (stewardship)
    4. Calligraphy Workshops: Ink Scribbler’s Scribble Workshop, Life After Breakfast’s Calligraphy and Lettering Workshop and La Bella Scrittura’s Copperplate Calligraphy Workshop – learned a new skill this year – yay! Loving lettering as much as doodling
    5. Photography: Make It Blissful’s Blog Your Best Shot (with Miaymarch) – I realized that there are more ways I can create art than using brush and paper. Admittedly, photo styling is still such a challenge for me
    6. Make it Blissful’s Blissful Blogging 2.0 (How to Get Rid of Blogging Burnout) – Ok, my blog posts are still not as regular as I want them to be but I learned a lot and you’ll be seeing some of the results of some of my learnings and some decisions within the year
    7. Piano lessons – just 3 lessons in all but had problems with my teachers (yes 2 teachers in 3 sessions, maybe its me?)
  5. Artwork – 2015 Calendar – DONE! (More on this on a separate post); more paintings; my first commissioned artwork (totally unexpected and unplanned); collaborative art with Bananabellieboo
  6. Bananabellieboo – So I wasn’t able to do a revamp this year but I’m working on it. I did create my Instagram account this year during the Blog Your Best Shot workshop. Discovered so many inspirations there!
It was a full year and admittedly there were some areas in my life that I took for granted.  I want to be more intentional and focused for 2015. I dream of inspiring and encouraging more people to create and take care of their inner artists, I dream of sharing more with others. Here’s my page of my 2015 creative projects.
Dette's 2015 Creative Projects

Dette’s 2015 Creative Projects

What about you? What are your creative dreams? Please share in the comments or Instagram (#2015creativedreams)


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