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Creative Adventures: Collaborative Project with Banana

I didn’t plan on bringing my 4 year old Banana with me to my last Art Playdate but she begged to come with me.

She said yes to the following conditions:
  1. I was meeting with my friends, we were all adults and we were going to talk and play with our art stuff
  2. She might get bored
  3. We cannot go until I’m done
She sat in between my sister and I and patiently painted while the rest of us were chatting. She had her own bag and some paintbrushes. I gave her index cards and I let her use my paint. Eventually of course, she got bored. She kept asking why we (referring to my friends and I) were not yet done playing. She settled down when I finally showed her the pastry display and she ordered a blueberry cheesecake and raspberry tea.
It was only when we were winding down, I finally checked out her paintings which were really more blobs than anything else. I doodled over a couple of her paintings. Ta-dah! Instant collaborative art and inserts for our Project Life scrapbook.




I asked her later if she still wanted to come with me next time I meet with my friends. She said yes! So to the rest of my Art Friends, expect Banana to be constant companion in our future playdates. When Bellie is a little older, she will probably be tagging along as well.

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