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New Finds: Watercolors and Watercolor Paper

finishedI was able to squeeze in a visit to an art store, Overjoyed, during an unscheduled trip to Singapore earlier this week. This store has been open for four years already but I only “discovered” it from a Facebook post recently. I checked out their website several times over the past few weeks so I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to get (mostly watercolor / mixed media pads, journals and other notebooks). I stayed for about an hour and I bought more than I should have (as usual). I still have to take pictures of my new toys but let me share with you a couple of new finds I was able to play with earlier today.

Koh-I-Noor Watercolor Wheel Set


I bought my first set of Koh-I-Noor watercolor wheel set (12 colors) a few months ago from Craft Carrot. When I used it the first time, I wasn’t too impressed and preferred the Sakura Koi Watercolors. As I used it more though, I realized that the colors were more brilliant and more concentrated. Since I bring my paints everywhere, I loved the portability! They took up less space in my bag than my Sakura. My only complaint was that I could not make a decent purple.

When I saw that Overjoyed had the 24 color watercolor wheel set, I did not hesitate to buy myself a set. I am very happy with the colors (including the purples). Space wise, the size is still just right for me since the additional two discs don’t take up much space. For those who would be trying these out, you might be surprised that they are small but believe me, you have more than enough.

400 Series Watercolor Softcover Art Journal


For my first project using my new watercolor paints, I decided to try out my new watercolor art journal. I’ve been wanting to try the Strathmore brand for awhile but these are not available in Art Friend nor Konokuniya (my usual source for art supplies in Singapore). I was excited to find the brand in Overjoyed. Just the right size (8″ x 5.5″).You have the option of hard or soft cover but I prefer the soft cover because I feel it would be more flexible for my requirements. It has a cold press surface. I would have preferred a hot press surface for watercolors but for an art journal, this is just fine.

The Finished Painting


This is my interpretation of a picture of one of my pins from the Aqwerta Live Journal. It is one of my favorite pictures and something I’ve actually attempted to paint twice. Third time’s the charm apparently because this is the only one I’m actually willing to share online.

I’m looking forward to more projects with my new toys. Look out for more posts of my art stuff and projects.




2 thoughts on “New Finds: Watercolors and Watercolor Paper

  1. This must be the new edition of the watercolor wheel. I bought the old one 2 years ago and was slightly disappointed that it didn’t have the color purple. Now this set looks so interesting that I’d want to buy a new one. Would you know if Overjoyed still has it? I searched the website but no results came out.

    • Hi! I wasn’t too happy with my 2-disc watercolor wheel at first but as I started to use it more, I saw that the colors were more vibrant. I was also disappointed that it didn’t have purple and I couldn’t get a good purple from mixing the reds and blues! I bought my 4-disc watercolor wheel (with the beautiful purple) in Overjoyed just early November so I believe they would still have stock.

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