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Lanzones Harvest

Lanzones close-up
It is usually about this time of the year when we would have some harvest of lanzones fruits from our hometown in Nagcarlan, Laguna. Not this year though. When Typhoon Glenda hit the Philippines in July earlier this year, the eye of the storm was in Nagcarlan at about 4:00 am. We don’t live there but we do have family members, relatives and friends who, fortunately are safe and there was only minor damage to property. The lanzones flowers were gone though. No trees (lanzones or otherwise) were uprooted but thick branches fell due to the strong winds.

I haven’t been to our place since the Typhoon but my dad says that he is saddened that we lost the shade we used to enjoy so much whenever we wanted to loll around outdoors. No more shade, no more leaves, no more flowers. They will grow back but it will take awhile.

In the meantime, I decided to embark on (yet another) project, to paint images from our place, starting with this lanzones tree, so we cannot forget what we loved about our place.

LanzonesIt has been a long time since I’ve painted this type of painting – big (14″ x 20″), nice watercolor paper (Aquarelle Arches), big watercolor set (Pelikan Watercolor Paintbox – 24 colors, full pan), “traditional” watercolor brushes (using various brands and sizes). I believe the last such painting I made using these paints, brushes and paper was way back in 2009.

I am not too happy with the results but it will have to do, I just need to practice some more.

Let me share with you what I used:

Aquarelle Arches Watercolor Paper (Rough). I bought these a long time ago in National Bookstore. I don’t know where to get these locally anymore though. I found they are available in (

Aquarelle Arches




Pelikan Watercolor Paintbox 24. I’ve been looking for a watercolor set with full pans since I started painting again last year. I eventually decided to order via Amazon the paint set I used when I was still going to art class. I love these paints, I love the color, the smoothness and the quality of the pigments. Definitely not made for travel but perfect for big paintings such as these. See those water containers on the upper right hand corner? These come with the set. Check out the link for the details of this watercolor set (

Pelikan Watercolors


Prestige Paintbrush Holders. I have some friends who have been looking for a good paintbrush holder. I have this great one which I’ve had for awhile. Don’t know where to get this locally though. I haven’t seen this in Singapore, Bangkok or KL either. You can check it out at though.

brush holderI won’t make a write-up about my paintbrushes since I still have to figure out what brands or sizes these are. I built up my collection when I was taking art classes. I just bought whatever my Teacher would get for me whenever she went to the US then. Unfortunately, I never learned to choose my own brush so its going to be trial and error for me moving forward.

It’s great that I was able to share another painting and my art stuff with you! Watch out for more future paintings and projects from me!





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