Project Life 2014

Catching up with My Project Life

Making the Journal CardsIt is Week 34 and I am only up to Week 9 in my 2014 Project Life. (For 2013, I’ve done up to Week 13 so far). I don’t mind. I know I’ll be able to catch up eventually.

In the meantime, I keep my photos organized per week and I update my log of our family activities, conversations and other notes in my Evernote, also on a weekly basis.

I’m sure there are others like me who are not yet up-to-date with their Project Life. I’m sure there are those who are still pondering whether they will do their Project Life (or even scrapbook for that matter).

Let me share with you my process for doing my Project Life, however delayed or inefficient it may be.

Some things you need to know about me first:

  • I don’t plan my pages, neither do I make a lot of effort to coordinate colors, patterns, etc. If you’re a stickler for order, neatness, coordination – my apologies
  • I use a variety of brands of (pocket) page protectors – the choice of a particular design will depend on the pictures I have for the week. FYI, I use Becky Higgins’ Project Life, We R Memory Keepers and Me & My Big Ideas Pocket Pages. I buy most of my stuff from
  • I make most my own filler and journaling cards using index cards, scrapbook paper / board, watercolors and , pens – I want to incorporate as much of my existing art stuff and scrapbooking stuff into my pages. I only have a couple of Project Life mini kits which I bought on sale a few months ago. I do use Becky Higgins’ Project Life blank grid cards for journaling
  • I incorporate my kids artwork as filler cards into our pages
  • I print my own pictures at home using a Canon iX6560

Let’s get started. These steps can happen days or weeks apart:

1. Preparation – I edit the pictures, print and group together per week. I don’t plan the page design when I print the pictures, I just select which I like best and which orientation best fits the picture


2. Selection of pocket pages – I take out my various pocket pages and choose whichever design the pictures would fit. You might notice my craft organizer which holds my various filler / journaling cards organized by size (4″ x 6″, 4″ x 4″, 3″ x 3″)

PL Supplies

3. Filling up the pockets – I insert the pictures depending on what fits, leaving empty spaces for journaling cards

pocketing in4. Finalize and journal – Sometimes, I would use an existing card for journaling or I would make a completely new one (I think you would understand at this point why I am still in Week 9. hehehe)

You will see here that I included one of my kids' artwork as a filler card and one of my own previously completed card

You will see here that I included one of my kids’ artwork as a filler card and one of my own previously completed card

5. The finished pages for Week 9

Wk 9 p1Wk 9 p2

DIY journaling cards

Some of my DIY journaling cards. For 2014, I decided to have a uniform look to signify the week in the year

Before I end, let me share with you some of my other recently completed pages for 2014 and 2013:

Wk 8 p1 Wk 8 p2 Wk 8 p3 2013 Wk 13

I hope you were encouraged to try your hand at scrapbooking or perhaps resume your scrapbooking. I love documenting our memories. For our family, poring over scrapbooks together is one of our favorite activities. For those who would like to give it a try, particularly pocket scrapbooking, there is a workshop collaboration of Make it Blissful and Life Documented Manila  in September. I hope to meet more art friends for a scrapbooking crop.




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