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Building a Playhouse with Banana


I was working on my scrapbooks today when Banana requested we make a playhouse with cardboard boxes. The project was inspired by a link I found on Facebook from Kids Activities Blog ( I wasn’t really in the mood to follow the instructions but since I had my scrapbook stuff all out anyway, I made my own 15-minute version.

I got an old kiddie shoebox, got some excess scrapbook paper and glued the pieces inside the box.

I was asking Banana to make her own furniture but she wanted me to make these for her. I just made a chandelier which I attached to the ceiling using yarn and  masking tape. Banana insisted that I have to make a light switch so I drew one on the side. She put in the additional color.


Lastly, I asked her to draw herself and Bellie. I cut out her doodles and glued the figures on small pieces of cardboard to get them to stand.

little girls

Ta-dah! Done! That kept her entertained for the rest of the afternoon (and I was able to scrapbook in peace). We’ll just make a better one some other time.

Anybody else have easy to make play ideas with the kids?


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