Blissful Blogging

It was about a year ago when I first attended the Write On workshop with Martine de Luna.
At the time, I was still trying to discern whether or not blogging was for me. What I felt then was that creating art, however imperfect, was no longer enough. I needed to share my creations, my process beyond just participating and sharing my work in Facebook groups.
Fast forward to August 2014, I’ve had:
  • one-on-one consulting with Martine de Luna (
  • 47 blog posts
  • blog followers
  • a Twitter account
  • an Instagram account
  • Art Friends (we have our Facebook group and almost once-a-month art playdates)
  • one commissioned artwork
  • almost regular artwork creation
  • a 2013 calendar
The list doesn’t even include the workshops I’ve attended since then (6 +  3 online workshops), the questions and requests I’ve received to teach art and the inquiries I received on how much I charge for my services. Whew!
Although there were several goals that I was not able to achieve (particularly the regular, at least once a week blog post), I’ve accomplished and gained a lot more than I ever imagined!
Blogging was not a mere, short term whim but has now become an integral part of my life in serving God by creating for others and inspiring others to create.
Creating art enables me to nurture and grow a talent God has given me and the blog is my way of encouraging others to likewise develop their own talent. The blog has allowed me to find my tribe, my art friends, other like-minded beautiful creative individuals who share my love for creating, and who I realized, also need encouragement and inspiration.
We found a venue to share art, art stuff, the latest workshops, the latest blogger or artist we’ve come across and everything in between.
At this point, I would like to dedicate this post to:
Martine – I thank God for letting us cross paths. You have taught me how I can share my bliss with others (


My Art Friends – I have not met all of you personally but we exchange share more of our artwork and our finds online. I look forward to more playdates (and even more art friends)

art friends
My readers – I maintain this blog for you – I hope I can inspire you as much as I have been inspired by all of you. Let me share with you about what I have learned over the years. I hope you will at least consider these for yourselves:
creative being

I am a creative being

The idea of being an artist isn't an act of ego, it is an act of surrender - Julia Cameron

The idea of being an artist isn’t an act of ego, it is an act of surrender – Julia Cameron

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on - Albert Einstein

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on – Albert Einstein

Finally, my plan for the blog is evolving from the time I embarked on this adventure last year. Here are some things I’d like to have in the future:
  • More how-to’s
  • Downloadable / printables
  • Art workshops / creative retreats
I am still revisiting my plans for Bananabellieboo and I do need your suggestions. What would you like to see / have more of from Bananabellieboo?

2 thoughts on “Blissful Blogging

  1. What an exciting post! I have been blogging for close to 8-9 years already but I feel I want to do more with it (so no, it doesn’t only happen at the start of the blog that you need help) so I’m also contacting Martine! Now I’m really excited, heehee! 🙂 Congratulations on spreading inspiration through that which inspires you (with me it’s food and cooking)!

    • Thank you very much Joey! I was lucky to have been introduced to blogging by Martine. I learned so much and most gratifying was finding my tribe by sharing my interest. Looking forward to how your blog will evolve. Exciting!

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