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2014 August Playdate: Watercolors

art playdateWent on an art playdate with my art friend (Racquel of last Saturday. It was more of a last minute thing because my art friend’s teen daughter was having her own art playdate with her art friends. Racquel was chaperoning so we took advantage of the opportunity.

Surprisingly, we actually got a lot more done in our 2-hour meet-up than our previous playdates. Are we becoming more productive? Maybe we’ve finally learned how to chat and paint at the same time.

I didn’t have plans what I would work on but since my friend’s daughter happened to ask how to paint white flowers, I decided to show her how. I was inspired by flowers from an art book  I had with me.

Playdate project

Painting white flowers are really more of painting around the white area putting some highlights. Here are better shots of my project last Saturday.

Playdate project finished Close-upIt has been awhile since I’ve painted white flowers and I’m happy with the results, thanks to the practice I’ve been getting over the past few months as evidenced by the state of my watercolor pans. This is my second Sakura Koi watercolor set this year. Not neat nor clean but definitely LOVED.


Here we are. Racquel tried her hand at painting lemons while I was painting flowers.

art friendsIt was another fun afternoon! Looking forward to the next playdate!

Who wants to join us next time?



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