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July 2014 Art Playdate: Watercolors

playdateI had another fun Art Playdate with my art friends last Saturday!

I love going to these playdates – I get to share my love for creating and art stuff with other like-minded souls. Here we are:

art friends

Before we finally got to actually do some watercolor painting, we spent at least half an hour (maybe more) showing each other our toys, talking about the workshops we’ve attended or plan to attend, comparing notes on different products.

We spent a lot of time poring over PJ’s watercolor books she bought in Japan.

watercolor books

This was my only output for the afternoon which I copied from one of the watercolor books:


Honestly, I wasn’t able to get more pictures since I was too caught up in conversation. I decided to take pictures of my art stuff I had with me instead.

I had my trolley bag with me. Nope, no notebook PC inside – just art stuff. By the way, the contents are just SOME of my entire stash.

trolley bagOf course, I had my usual watercolors, waterbrushes and assortment of pens (Sharpies, Uni Pins, Artline calligraphy pens and Staedtler drawing pencil)

pens and brushesI also had my partial collection of fountain pens (its a growing collection and deserves its own blog post).

fountain pens

I brought my practice pad for my fountain pens (still have to try this for my calligraphy), my journal, my all-around sketch / doodle  paintbook and new sketchpad.

sketchbooks and journalsI had my “coloring” pages of fruits and flowers which my sisters got for me in Japan.

playbooksI had a couple of calligraphy books – The Art of Calligraphy and Lettering (I found this in Book Sale for PhP 450.00) and Calligraphia (another book my sisters got me from France).

booksAnd of course, I had my calligraphy stuff – nibs, nib holders and new drawing inks from Deovir Art Supplies in Megamall.

calligraphyObviously, I only got to use my watercolors but I don’t mind. Nothing beats the conversations, laughter, and show and tell.

Do you want to join our next playdate?


6 thoughts on “July 2014 Art Playdate: Watercolors

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      • My best friend with whom I used to always draw and paint together is now living in another country and unfortunately my other friends are not really into art. I hope that I meet some new people who share my passion, because painting and having a nice conversation is so much fun! 🙂

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