DIY Watercolor Monogram Tutorial

In my last playdate with my art friends, one of my projects in my all around doodle / painting / art practice journal, was a watercolor monogram. This would be similar to something you would usually see on Pinterest.

For those who are new to watercolor painting, its really quite easy to make your own monogram. So here’s a DIY tutorial to make your very own watercolor monogram. Feel free to copy the sample strokes I have below.

I used watercolors but you can use any medium (pens, markers, etc.)

Step 1. Using a single color, you can make dots, a combination of dots, lines and a combination of various simple strokes for the petals.

Step 1Step 2. Use another color and add to your original strokes to make petals or other embellishments.

Step 3. Use similar strokes to make leaves

Step 2Step 4. Draw a sketch of your monogram. (Ooops… I forgot to take a picture of the sketch)

Step 5. Use a combination of flowers and leaves to cover the sketch.

Some tips / reminders –

  • Don’t overthink this. Your work DOES NOT need to be perfect!
  • I start off using one color, apply random strokes across my sketch
  • I clean my brush, use another color, apply another set of random strokes and so on until I form the flowers
  • Lastly, I incorporate the leaves, usually where there seems to be too much white space

Ta dah!

monogramHope you’ll be inspired to make your own monogram or any other design! Let me know what you think.




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