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Tea Parties with Myself

PL cardsOn Friday afternoons, I try my best to be out of the office earlier than usual. I head off to Bonifacio Global City  to journal, doodle or paint while waiting for my husband.  In the past, I would find myself in a coffee shop but lately, my new favorite place is Vanilla Cupcake Bakery  in Bonifacio High Street. (You’ve seen previous posts inspired by my other visits.)

I savor my me time with a tea party with myself. I typically order tea and a couple of cupcakes.

cupcakesI love the place not just for the cupcakes but also for the various eye candy that inspire me as I create. The place is just full of color, pattern and beautiful, mismatched knick knacks.

Here are my art stuff – ready for any type of art work that I would feel like working on. I have watercolors, water  brushes, brush pens, calligraphy pens and nibs, sketch notebook and pencil.

art stuff

I wish I could put into words how I feel whenever I’m here. Let me just share with you instead my artworks from my recent visits.

Just love, love, love the different teacups…

hanging teacups teacupsThe patterns on the teapot are just  perfect for a filler card for my Project Life…

little teapot

Of course, let’s not forget the centerpiece…

paintingHow about you? Where do you spend your tea parties with yourself?


2 thoughts on “Tea Parties with Myself

  1. So pretty! The ambiance must lend itself to your creativity.

    I have always been chicken about doing any journaling – whether writing or doodling or painting at a public place. It feels like I’m posing …this post has given me the encouragement to try

    • In my case, it was really out of practicality. When I take out art stuff at home, the kids would want to join in. But, you’re right, kind of scary having other people see what you’re doing, while you’re doodling or anything like that. My experience is that I’m generally left alone (I don’t know what they’re thinking though) and usually kids who actually come up close to watch. I bet that some wish they also had their journal or sketchbook with them instead of just their phone.

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