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Photo Walking with Banana and Boo

We spent our Holy Week with my family in Nagcarlan, Laguna. Its a great place for fresh air, cool breeze, flowers, greenery and quiet time for the family. Most importantly, it was bonding time for the grandparents with our kids as we usually send the kids to the province a few days ahead while my husband and I still work until Holy Wednesday. I intentionally did not pack toys so the kids are forced to get out of the house. They did enjoy playing in the inflatable pool, feeding the fish in the pond, watering the plants and just running around the grounds.

When my husband and I finally joined them, I had a short photo walk with Banana and Boo, an activity I saw in Pinterest.

For Boo (my 7 year old son), we worked on a list of subjects we wanted to take pictures of. Boo used our Canon EOSM while I used our Canon 60D.

I followed him around as he went around the place looking for our subjects. It was kind of difficult to take pictures of him as he would run around and just take a single shot per subject.

Here’s Boo checking out his picture.


I had to point him to the banana tree (is it a tree or a plant?)

banana tree

Next on the list, a well.


A coconut tree. He had no idea what a coconut tree was either. He doesn’t eat coconuts.

He was too fast for me. By the time I pointed my camera at him, he was off looking for the next subject in our list.

coconut tree

8 rocks… I was hoping he’d actually take pictures of rocks but he picked out pebbles by the pond.

8 rocks

He got a bit confused with the soda. We only had a family size Pepsi bottle in the ref. He only knows Coke products. hehehe
sodaLastly, treasure. I was curious what he was going to come up with. It seemed that he got a little lazy and just settled for picking up a few more pebbles.
treasureFor Banana (my 4 year old daughter), it was a separate session altogether. We were walking and looking at the plants and flowers. Before I knew it, she requested for the camera because she wanted to take photos.
bananaShe simply wanted to take photos of whatever caught her fancy.

banana's pics

Before we headed back home to Manila, we gave Boo the camera once again.

He took a picture of his grandmother (my dad’s sister). I loved how the picture turned out.

lola ninang

We also asked him to take a picture of Papa and Mama. While he was composing his shot, he stopped and handed his Papa a cap to wear for the picture.

papa and mama

Can’t wait to go on more photo walks with the kiddos!



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