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Another Crafternoon with Pen and Ink

new toys

About two weekends ago, I attended Alessa Lanot of Life After Breakfast’s ( Calligraphy and Lettering Crafternoon. I know.. I know… I already attended another calligraphy workshop last January but I wanted to learn more. Besides, lettering was not covered in the other workshop I attended. And look at my new toys: new nib holders (including an oblique nib holder), new nibs (Hunt Imperial and a Tachikawa G Nib), calligraphy ink (Winsor & Newton sepia ink), brush pens (Sakura and Pilot) and Sharpies (which unfortunately were not available during the workshop itself). It was also an opportunity to bring my nieces with me on a workshop. They both love to create –  one prefers to draw and doodle, the other to paint and sew. I gave them calligraphy pens for Christmas last year but since I couldn’t teach them then, I brought them with me to the workshop so we can learn together. Here they are doing the exercises:


Here’s a sample of my attempts at some of the basic strokes:

sample strokes

Here’s Alessa giving a lecture on lettering:

alessaHere’s the display wall on each student’s work to apply what we learned:

display wallAnd here’s our class picture:

class pictureIt’s wonderful spending the afternoon learning a new skill, having fun while you’re learning and being with loved ones!

I have been practicing. Here are some of the more decent results:

practice calligraphy 1Excuse the smudges and the grammatical error on this one. (By the way, I picked up this quote from Pinterest).

practice calligraphy 2

I also practiced my lettering using my watercolor paints. I painted on 4″ x 6″ board paper (you can also use index cards if you’re using pens). These cards will of course go into my Project Life album.

practice lettering



5 thoughts on “Another Crafternoon with Pen and Ink

  1. Hi!

    I was wondering if you could share the pros and cons of attending the ink scribbler vs the life after breakfast calligraphy workshops. I was hoping to attend one of the two actually — any thoughts on which one might be better for someone interested in taking up calligraphy? 🙂


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