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Index Card Art

I’ve written in the past blogs that I do Project Life ( and, although there are a lot of products available,  I choose to do my own filler and  journaling cards.  I do these because (1) I have way too much stuff already (2) I’d like to incorporate my art into our scrapbooks and (3) making the cards is a bonding activity with the kids.
I make most of these cards on index cards.  I carry blank index cards with me all the time so whenever I have free time (scheduled or otherwise),  I get to doodle, ink or paint the cards.
Here are some of my cards:
Index Card Art

Sometimes,  I intentionally leave space for my kids to put in their own artwork or I paint their doodles or I doodle on their painting or I just let the kids doodle or paint on their own index cards.

Here are some samples of their index card art and our collaborative art:
Collaborative ArtCollaborative Art with BooArt by Banana 1
My index card art collection is building up. Its time to catch up on my Project Life so I can include these in our scrapbooks already!

4 thoughts on “Index Card Art

  1. Dette. So nice! I’ll try this:) Good idea for my daughter too, and her friends for spring break:
    Oh, may I suggest that a feature photo be already seen in your home page. This way, it entices the reader to click the Read More immediately :).

    Also, remember to style your photos, like include blank index cards with recommended card size that’s best for drawing:). And pens or markers too

    Love this post!

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