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What is My Best Shot?

best shot

I attended the Blog Your Best Shot workshop last Saturday – organized by Martine de Luna of Make It Blissful (http://makeitblissful.com/) and conducted by Mia Marchadesch-Jaranilla (http://www.miaymarch.com/). We had the workshop at Commune, a coffee shop along H.V. Dela Costa in Makati City. Here’s a photo of all the wonderful ladies I spent the afternoon with.


I love taking pictures but I don’t consider myself a photographer (not as my creative expression anyway). Photography has been more of a means to document memories for my scrapbook or my reference for a future painting. I think less about composition, and never bothered with styling. I do spend a lot of time doing color management and post processing though since I print my pictures at home.

Mia started off with a lecture on the 5-step workflow for taking your best shots. Later, we applied what we learned. Here were some of my attempts at photo styling. I was lucky enough to be right beside the glass window so I was able to take advantage of the natural light.

style 1 style 2 style 3

I was expecting to learn something new but I was in for a surprise. The concepts discussed by Mia. particularly on photo-talk, were to me, words I’ve heard before. Knowing the message you are trying to convey, using light and perspective, making a composition of your elements (whether still life or landscape), these are the exact same principles for making a painting. These are what I apply!

During the workshop, I was shifting from “A-ha!” to “How could I not know this?” I was a little disappointed with myself and frankly a little embarrassed. I’ve already attended a basic photography workshop a couple of years ago, I’ve come to the same realization then. Obviously, I needed to be reminded again – photography is an art form (duh?! obviously) Photography can also be MY art form – not just painting, doodling and scrapbooking.

Photography is not just about the settings of the camera (which I don’t like to study, I just play around with the ISO setting). It is, in Mia’s words, a “visual passion.. a form of expression… a form of communication… form of a blank canvas…”

I have a lot to think about… to imagine… I am still working on developing my photo style and I did some experimentation today.

Style #1 – I was inspired by the winning shot in the workshop. Looks good but neat, orderly and symmetrical is so NOT me.

style trial 1Style #2 – I wanted to get a shot where I could still show the other journaling cards I’ve done for my Project Life. Nope, still not me…

style trial 2


Style #3 – Used my other journaling cards as background, tried to shoot at a different angle to make it more interesting…style trial 3I’m still working on finding (and creating) my best shot. Its a process and I’m looking forward to it.ย Thank you Mia for the inspiration! I got a lot more out of the workshop than I expected!


5 thoughts on “What is My Best Shot?

  1. I wanted to attend this workshop too, but we already had a loaded Saturday. Wish I could have at least dropped by to say hi to everyone. You know what, Dette, your materials and your artworks are so pretty and colorful that they automatically add so much life to your images! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I so love this article. Thank you for attending. You are such a good painter and I’m, in no time will pick up on your photography:). Just email me if you have questions:).

    Do you mind if I post this on my FB page. ? Oh btw, hope you can like it too. I’ll tag you once I do it:)
    Thanks so much!!

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