Art Playdates

Art Playdate: Practicing Calligraphy

Had the opportunity for another playdate with my art friends.

What’s an art playdate? Its simply a get together of friends and acquaintances just to, well… PLAY. The guidelines:

  1. bring your toys for show and tell and sharing
  2. if you don’t have toys, you can borrow from the other playmates
  3. you can bring finished projects or WIP

This is the third time we’ve had an art playdate and so far, we’ve done some doodling, painting and calligraphy.

We had our playdate in Kuppa Roastery and Cafe in Global City. It just so happened that those who made it all took Ink Scribbler’s calligraphy workshop ( so we all ended up practicing calligraphy. We talked about our own practice sessions at home, what we’ve tried so far (using goauche), websites to check out, where to buy nibs, pens and inks, other workshops we’ve attended / plan to attend. Some of us were finally able to try out the oblique pens – my sisters got them from Life After Breakfast’s Calligraphy and Lettering with Sharpies workshop (

Here were some of the nibs I used in our playdate – a couple of Speedball nibs and Tachikawa nib. I have to take note of the type of nibs I actually use.


I shared with the rest the guidelines I was able to print out from ( There are also other websites you can use to print your own guidelines.


Here were some of my practice sheets. I obviously need more practice!

Sample scribblingsHere are some of our playmates (my sisters) with their scribbles:

practicingFor my Project Life, I made a card for the occasion and asked everyone to sign:

artist playdateIt was another fun and fruitful afternoon! Looking forward to another playdate soon!



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