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Creative Retreat: Watercolor Paintings

In an earlier post (, I shared with you some pages of my travel journal.

Let me share with you the watercolor paintings I completed in the past few days.

I painted these on my Canson Watercolour Pad (9″ x 12″). I used Sakura Koi watercolor paints.

I love drawing or painting trees (you’ve probably noticed that already). Here is yet another addition to my collection of trees.

rootsThe next one is a memory from Vanilla Cupcake, one of the kids’ favorite places. I like Vanilla Cupcake not only for the delicious cupcakes but also for the wonderful cups, saucers, teacups, sofas… You will notice that this is the same subject as my art collaboration with Banana and Boo (

Vanilla Cupcake (full) Vanilla Cupcake (collage)Will be sharing more of my projects from my creative retreat.



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