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Creative Retreat: Travel Journal

I am not typically excited to go on business trips as these take me away from my family. Last Wednesday’s trip was a little different though. I’ve been quite busy at work, at home and the community for the past few weeks. The trip gave me an opportunity to recharge – ME time galore! I looked forward to  draw / doodle / paint / read / pray / journal. Aaaahhh…

From the moment I arrived at the airport, I was already planning my projects. I spent every free moment for some creative activity.

My first project was my travel journal. I used a notebook I bought on sale from Dimensione a few months ago. I was all set. Used my calligraphy brush for the cover.

travel journal coverUsed pen (UniPin 02) and watercolor for the title page (and for most of the pages).

travel journal 1st pageFirst couple of pages were my reflections on how I felt about the trip. I wrote down my intentions for the next few days – PRODUCTIVITY and RELAXING. I wanted to be productive, not only professionally but also creatively. At the same time, even if it was a business trip, I still wanted to be able to unwind.

travel journal 1st entryHere are some of my doodles of what’s in my bag.

travel journal inside my handcarry (full) travel journal inside my handcarry (collage)The travel journal is still work-in-progress. Several pages I have not taken photos of and several unfinished pages. But I did get a lot more than in my travel journal compared to earlier trips. Loved the opportunity to recharge and I must say, my trip was in accordance with my intentions. Look out for more posts from my creative retreat.


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