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Art Collaboration with Banana and Boo

One of the challenges of creating art while at home with the kids is they want to create art with you all the time. That’s usually ok except when my vision of my creation is already in my head and my hand is so ready to paint. But… if the kids want to be in on the fun, it’s very difficult not to oblige.

About a week ago, I made a sketch of my next painting. A scene from Vanilla Cupcake, a place the kids and I love. For whatever reason, Boo took one of my pens and decided to trace my sketch. He even added some of his own touches.

sketch_full sketch_close-up

I decided to set the painting aside and get another paper to let the kids paint on their own.

A few days ago, I just needed to paint so I took it out my watercolor pad and decided to paint Boo’s sketch. I did say that collaborative art  with the kids was one of my creative projects for the year. I liked the outcome.

By the way, Boo didn’t like his original signature which I made him do using my paintbrush. He decided to cover up his signature with the same color paint of the signature. Thus, the red portion of the tablecloth. When I gave him a pen to sign his name, he signed “Waterson”. A name he said he wanted us to call him.

watercolor_full watercolor_close-up

After I took some pictures, Banana decided she wanted to put in her own touches to the painting. These are Elphaba and her broom, Glinda and Fiyero (from left to right). Yes I know, I don’t get it either but hey, she made them.

Banana Artwork

The painting may not look the way I had imagined it to be but a painting to include the kids’ touches made it so much better and meaningful. Looking forward to more collaborative artwork with the kiddos. Hope you’re open to collaborate on your artworks with your loved ones as well!


5 thoughts on “Art Collaboration with Banana and Boo

    • Thank you. I’m seeing that I will be having more collaborative projects with the kids. It’s great to see everyone’s contribution in the project. Can’t wait for my 2 year old to be part of our projects

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