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Beautiful Scribbles

I’ve always wanted to make my own fancy lettering but I’m not that interested in formal calligraphy. Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a basic calligraphy workshop by Ink Scribbler ( where we learned freestyle calligraphy.

We started out practicing on pencil and later on our very own pens with flexible nib.

Learning the Basics

Learning the Basics

Here’s Alexis conducting a demonstration for us.

Alexis at Work

Alexis at Work

Later, we traced some quotes and made our own cards.



Of course, I had ink blots on my hands. But I’m used to that – mark of an artist!

marks of learning

Here’s my journaling card for my Project Life for this week’s page. I asked my Alexis, my sisters and my friend to sign my card.


And finally, our class picture!

classmatesIt was a wonderful afternoon! First new skill learned for 2014.


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