Words, Mantras and Intentions Part 1

Ever since I was able to determine my mission (“Create for Others”), I’ve used words or phrases to inspire and sustain me. Over the years, those words have changed. What are they called? Mantras? Intentions? It doesn’t matter. These words or phrases have kept me focused on what’s important.

I’m sharing with you these words over the years.

Word for 2006

Word for 2006

This helped me focus on what I needed most and what I wanted to achieve during the most challenging period of my professional life while pregnant with my eldest child. It allowed me to make the right choices.

Words for 2010

Words for 2010

I defined what it meant to achieve peace. 

Words / Mantra for 2012

Words / Mantra for 2012

Defined what I needed to be to fulfill my life’s purpose

Words for 2013

Words for 2013

These were God’s messages for me after the Simbang Gabi novena in 2012.

I didn’t paint these words until recently. At the time, these stayed in my journal and in my head. I’m making some changes in 2014. More in Part 2.


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