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Project Life 2014 Week 1

Welcome & DedicationA few months ago, I posted that I finally started on my Project Life 2013. Nope, I’m not yet done but I already finished pages up to February and the last two weeks of December. (I still plan to finish 2013 but still don’t know when)

I decided however that I didn’t want to wait until I finished my 2013 PL before I start on 2014 PL. So for the first time, I’m finally starting more or less on time. Although I still log our weekly activities on my Evernote on a weekly basis, I believe it will be easier for me to recall my thoughts and emotions nearer to the time that the memories were created.

I’m still trying to stick with a “No PL Kit” policy in favor of making my own cards and using whatever stash I have on hand. Those include scrapbook paper, journaling cards, watercolor paints and pens. I love PL and I love poring over the available products but I do have way too much scrapbook stuff already. I use PL pocket pages and grid cards though.

I am also mixing up traditional layouts in my PL along with the various pocket pages.

Here are my PL 2014 Week 1 pages:

Wk 1 1 Wk 1 2 Wk 1 3 Wk 1 4 Wk 1 5 Wk 1 6


6 thoughts on “Project Life 2014 Week 1

      • I know! I have so many photos in soft copy that I haven’t gotten around to printing yet. By the way, where can I buy the watercolor pens that don’t need to be dipped in water? Is the color refillable?

      • Same here. Way too many photos, haha. There are many watercolor pens that are available. For myself, I have Sakura Koi coloring brush pens. Unfortunately, these are not refillable. What I regularly use though are waterbrushes (paint brushes with water, and refillable) but you will need the watercolor paints, I’m loving the Sakura Koi watercolor pocketfield sketchbox. Very portable! Where are you from? I’m from the Philippines

      • I’m also from the Philippines. I’m interested in drawing and coloring stuff that I will put in my blog. I didn’t study art so I’m at a loss regarding the coloring materials used.

      • Oh. Check out my blog post on painting playdate where I detailed some of the products that I use. I was able to order from Artmedia Trading (on Facebook, by delivery only since they’re based in Mindanao) for my Sakura paint, some from Lasting Impression (also on Facebook, based in San Juan, they also accept online orders but I suggest personal visit). If you go abroad, I get to buy from Art Friend, Kinokuniya and Spotlight in Singapore

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