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My Comfort Wisdom List

We all have different ways of taking care of ourselves, especially when we feel angry, sad or vulnerable.  Most of the time, what we do are activities that try to numb the anger, the sadness, the vulnerability. In my case, these usually include binge eating, mindless shopping, neverending games, withdrawal and silence.

how do I numb

In numbing our negative feelings, we also numb our ability to feel joy, gratitude and hope.

What do we do that truly brings us comfort, lifts our spirit and brings us to a place of joy? I share with you a page from my art journal, my Comfort Wisdom list, of what I do, what I need to do to truly take care of myself.

comfort wisdom

What is in your Comfort Wisdom list?

My Comfort Wisdom list is just one of my gifts to myself from joining Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection e-course ( I’ll be sharing some other pages from my art journal from the e-course in future posts.


6 thoughts on “My Comfort Wisdom List

    • Thanks Patty! The value of the comfort wisdom list is reminding ourselves how to truly take care of ourselves instead of trying to numb our negative emotions through unproductive activities. I already printed a photo of my list which I will hang in my closet so I can see it everyday.

  1. I took part 1 of the #OLCBreneCourse and think this is really great. I just may be inspired to blog my own. I wanted to tweet it and give you credit, but I don’t see your Twitter Id here. Congratulations for being so brave and staying in the Arena. If you want to connect hop over to my blog and see how to find me. Keep doing that good work!

    • Hi! Thank you so much. Nice to see a fellow classmate from Brene’s course. I don’t have a Twitter Id unfortunately. I plan to share other pages from my art journal from the course and of course I would like to connect with fellow travelers in the journey to wholeheartedness

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