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Packaging the Christmas Presents

In my earlier post, I shared with you the calendar I made for this year’s Christmas presents. I wanted DIY packaging for the presents using only materials I already had in the house.

Here are some of the materials I used:

  • old magazine pages
  • colored string
  • scrapbook paper
  • buttons

raw materials

gift tags and buttons

I created a doodle, scanned and printed the gift tags on recycled board paper.

tagI tied up the calendar using colored string and included an individually hand written label. I made paper envelopes using old magazine pages.

presents inside


I glued the gift tags to scrapbook paper and attached buttons.

finished product



2 thoughts on “Packaging the Christmas Presents

  1. sorry late comment na to, Dette, (internet connection was intermittent during the holidays) but i really love this post! wonderful ideas on how to use found objects and your own drawings as gift wrappers!

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