Pray for the Philippines


I have been quiet over the past few days because I was out of the country last week, I got sick, I had to catch up with work because of the travel and the illness.

But the real reason was super typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines.

There are so many, many stories about the typhoon and the devastation. I was not personally affected. But as a Filipino, it just broke my heart to be a helpless spectator to the tragedy, devastation, misery and despair. I could not shake away the constant feeling of sadness. I felt selfish at mere idea of picking up a pen or a paintbrush.

Last Monday, I decided to pray the Holy Rosary, I needed the comfort of rote prayers. Whenever I talked to God, I was just rambling and I don’t think I made any sense. I prayed out loud, something I rarely do when I pray alone. I was pleasantly surprised when my 6- year old  son and 3-year old daughter joined me. There was still a lot of running around, rolling around and making faces at Jesus. But, there were also some brief moments of kneeling down with me, and reciting the prayers with me. I know they enjoyed the experience of dimmed lights and candles more than anything else but… they prayed with me.

We continued the practice every evening since then, including my husband. A lot of help is needed by our countrymen and a lot are coming and I am so grateful for that. We continue to pray for our countrymen’s relief, peace, comfort and strength.

pray 1


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