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Patience, Practice and Gratitude

painting process

I finally finished a “real painting” after so many years of setting aside my brushes. Don’t really know what to call this artwork but it HAS been awhile since I made a painting of this size (9″ x 12″).

This was inspired by a picture I took earlier this year of a window of an old church in our province. I was tickled pink when I finished this painting!

Reflections and key learnings after finishing this painting:

  1. Patience. We cannot pick up our pen or our paintbrush one day and expect to create a masterpiece on the first attempt. Be patient (and be kind to yourself too). I was neither last year when I tried to paint on a bigger canvas.
  2. Practice, practice, practice. We cannot take our skill and talent forgranted. We need to continuously hone our craft. I would not have been able to make this painting if I have not been painting on a fairly regular basis over the past year
  3. Be grateful. Despite your patience, despite your practice, it was God who granted you your talent. Thank Him for the gifts you have. One way I am thanking Him is by sharing this painting with you.

I hope I have inspired you to be patient, to practice and be grateful.

Finished Painting



2 thoughts on “Patience, Practice and Gratitude

  1. how inspiring. parang i wanna try water coloring too (nakiki-uso! haha!) seriously though, when i was little i used to hand paint shirts. one of them was spotted by a mom with a 5 year old kid when i was traveling on a barko. she liked it so much she literally had me remove my the shirt to give her son (I was 7, so ok lang!). she promised to repay me with a gold plated bracelet. my mom never really expected her to keep her word, but guess what? 3 weeks later a gold plated id bracelet with my name etched on it arrived in the mail. pero syempre nawala na yun, so many years ago na yon!

    • Thanks Van! What a nice story about your first sale of a your hand painted shirt. Why not try watercolor painting again? For all you know, its an activity you might like to do again. I’ll PM you a painting playdate we’re trying to organize. I can let you use my paints and brushes in the meantime.

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