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rainbow tree

One of the triggers which led me to pick up my pens and brushes for more regular doodles and paintings was Joanne Fink’s Zenspirations ( I stumbled into her work on Pinterest. I watched her videos on Sakura of America ( and I was inspired to doodle letters, borders, objects,  Later, I was putting color on my doodles and even later, I was painting again!

I still make my Zenspirations and continue to pin Joanne’s work and other Zenspirations.

It was only recently that I finally read the articles (instead of just looking at the artwork) that I found out more about  Zenspirations – it is more than a drawing style. According to the website, Zenspirations is:

  • a way of enhancing illustrations by adding patterns to the spaces found
  • a form of (drawing) meditation
  • a way of opening your heart to your own limitless creative potential
  • a way of being a LIGHT (Love, Inspire, Give, Heal, Transform) into the world

I am still at the very basic level of adding patterns to my illustrations. I have not yet reached the stage where drawing is my form of meditation (but I’m getting there). I would really like that someday, I may also be a LIGHT into the world through my Zenspirations and other artworks.

So, thank you Joanne for being a LIGHT into my world.

You have inspired me to take this creative journey.

I share with you some more of my very own Zenspirations.

lance lala ellie


2 thoughts on “My ZENSPIRATIONS

  1. Wow! You do them so well! I’m not into doodling nor painting but my eyes just love them and I get inspirations seeing these from like-minded moms like you. Hope to do collaborations with you with some projects in the near future.

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