Write On… Blog On…


Beyond my work, beyond my family, I am an ARTIST. It took me several years to claim that I am an artist and despite that,  I have not been very consistent nor very committed in creating artworks, especially after my art lessons stopped and I had 2 more children.

Last year, I took up my pens and brushes again with a desire to create. I realized though that creating was not enough. I needed something more but I didn’t know what it was. It was only later that it dawned upon me that I needed an outlet to share my creations. I don’t remember how the idea of having a blog came about but I found myself wondering whether or not I should blog. I tried to ignore it but there was a persistent voice inside me that told me that I needed to share my artworks in a blog. The idea was simply terrifying for me.

But… if it’s meant for you, it’s meant for you.

I never would have imagined same time last year that I would be sharing my thoughts and artwork in a blog. But last weekend, I was in a wrap-up session for a blog coaching engagement.

Last June, I chanced upon an announcement of Martine de Luna’s Write On Workshop on a friend’s Facebook timeline. I was not looking for a blogging workshop but I decided to make a go of it. I attended the workshop undecided and anxious. After the workshop, it took me a couple more weeks before I finally got in touch with Martine ( ) to ask for a one-on-one blogging session.

More than a month from my first session with Martine, what have I accomplished / what has happened?

  • Finally realized and accepted that I will share my artwork through my blog
  • Clarified the whats and whys of my blog
  • Set-up my blog!
  • Created my blog logo
  • Planned my posts until the end of the year
  • Been doodling, painting and writing on a regular basis
  • Found myself in a community of other moms with similar needs and interest to express themselves in a blog of thoughtful writing
  • Been exposed to readers to appreciate my work
  • Been exposed and inspired by other blogs

My Story

This blog helped me realize a dream I didn’t know I had. I thank Martine and the other wonderful ladies from Martine’s Write On Workshops for being my inspiration in this journey. I hope that I too may be an inspiration to others.



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