paint in the plane 2

Excerpts from September 16, 2013 journal entry (on the way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

I usually don’t look forward to business trips because it means being away from the family. But then, a small part of me recognizes that these trips are my me-time moments.

I am on my way to KL today for meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday. I realized that we will have more than the usual free time and I find myself being excited for this trip. I am looking forward to starting and/or finishing several blog posts and artworks for this trip. I have a little bit more in my usual stash of art stuff in preparation.


Excerpts from September 19, 2013 journal entry (on my way home)

Finally on our way home. This trip didn’t turn out as I expected but, I guess it turned out the way it was supposed to be… I got tired physically and mentally from all activities and had little time for reflection or painting.

On the other hand, I experienced more of the country I was in, much more than I would have had if I were alone.


  • Rode the monorail
  • Rode the LRT
  • Rode the KLIA Express
  • Tried some Malaysian food (some good, some bad)


  • Got to see several sights, several malls


  • Got to swim
  • Got to start a painting
  • Took lots of pictures
  • Learned a lot in our business meetings
  • Was able to work
  • Was able to go to KINOKUNIYA (one of my favorite stores)
  • Was able to buy white pens!

I do feel good about this trip! It was still productive as I had prayed for and I am grateful for the opportunity to travel and experience new things.


After doing my journal entry, I took out my pens and paints and made entries for my future travel journal of the trip… 

paint in the plane

sept 16

sept 17

sept 18

sept 19


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