every child

I was still taking art lessons when I got pregnant with our eldest child. It was that stage of the pregnancy when I was just too sleepy and laggard to exert any energy in showing up for art class.

When I finally showed up after several sessions, I was given a tongue lashing by my art teacher with the key message “Do you want your child not to learn how to draw?” Boy, did that jolt me! Until then, I never thought about our child and his/her creativity. Needless to say, I continued with my art lessons until the end of my pregnancy. Now, I credit my son’s love for art and creativity to my (our) art lessons during pregnancy.

little artist

On the other hand, our 3-year old daughter is equally as active in her own creative projects and 1 1/2 year old wants to be in all the fun. So, are the kids’ creative energy due to art lessons during pregnancy? Hmmm… I was only able to do that with the eldest. Is it due to seeing their Mama almost always doodling away and constantly buying them art stuff instead of toys? Perhaps…

ayala museum

But, more than anything, it is because EVERY CHILD IS AN ARTIST (as per Pablo Picasso) I think my husband and I have been successful in building the nurturing environment to foster their creativity. We have art sessions, baking sessions, painting and drawing sessions, we watch drawing videos. Sometimes, we go through my Pinterest board on “Activities with the Kiddos” to choose what we’re going to do next or they choose what they pin to the board.

So what if the walls, bedsheets and sofa are full of ink stains, paint and all sorts of gunk? Every child is an artist! I want them to grow up feeling confident in their talent to create in whatever form. I want them to grow up believing that even every adult is an artist!

art exhibit


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