What do you do while having a root canal?

(1)        Do you watch the dentist and wait with bated breath as he puts all those tools inside your mouth? (I don’t think so!)

(2)        Do you attempt to watch the movies showing on the TV screen before you and inadvertently end up doing Option 1? (Uh… no thanks!)

(3)        Pray? (Honestly, i tried.)

To “entertain” myself and make the best of the situation, I think about my future paintings instead:

  • FAIRY TALES – While I was taking art lessons, I started a series on fairy tales (I’ve already done “The Swan Princess”, “Twelve Dancing Princesses” and “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”. What do I make next? Sleeping Beauty? Snow White? Naah… I wanted less popular fairy tales. Hmmm… I think I want to do “Princess and the Pea”, “Rapunzel” and “The Little Mermaid”. Well, ok the last two are perhaps equally as popular as Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. But it turns out, I still want to make paintings of them anyway
  • MY NINANG’S GARDEN – When we were kids, we used to spend summer vacations in the province with our Ninang Dory (our dad’s only sibling). She had a small, wild, colorful garden. I attempted to paint the garden several years ago. to be completely honest about, it sucked! I regret that I was not able to capture the garden’s beauty and color. I want to take another crack at it…
  • BUTTERFLY TREE – An idea from a dream I had several years ago (another failed painting  from earlier years)

Hmmm… I didn’t realize that two hours have passed while I was sketching and painting on my imaginary canvas. On the way home, I attempted to doodle my ideas in  my tablet. There were more ideas that I could no longer remember.

On the other hand, I could not execute on my actual sketchbook what I painted beautifully on my imaginary canvas. Oh well… I will try and try again. After all, if I imagined it, then I can paint it!

What I have so far:

My Ninang’s Garden (work in progress… not really happy with this though)

Ninang's Garden 1

Decided to do some practice flower bushes first before I finish the bigger painting

Ninang's Garden 2

My butterfly tree:

butterfly tree

Close-up of some butterflies (see pens on watercolor)



flowers flowers up close


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