About Write On Workshop

I chanced upon the Write On Workshop on the page of a Facebook friend. The workshop came at a time when I have been desperately trying to ignore a soft but persistent voice to create a blog. I had a lot of reasons not to:

  • I am happy with what I am doing now – I’m fulfilled at work, at home and in my community
  • I don’t have the time for another activity in my fully packed schedule
  • Why will I bare my soul to strangers?
  • The world doesn’t need another artist’s blog

But the real reason is this… I am afraid. I’m not good enough. There are lot better artists than I.

But, having gone through the exercise of creating our mood board, I realized that despite my fear, despite my apprehension, this is something I MUST do. How can I fulfill my life’s purpose to “create for others” if I simply create? I am obliged to share, good or bad, with you. The words below capture precisely what I am trying to say:

Lord's Purpose

I share with you now what I shared with my fellow workshop participants my soul words. Words that describe who I am or in my case, words to describe what I am called to BE.

soul words


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